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We believe in a long-term, steady, strategic approach to wealth building. We are pleased when clients’ portfolios appropriately track market movements and grow wealth over time, Aiding clients in day-to-day financial planning, we help people to make the most of their financial situations.

This means:

Our Investment Philosophy: Personalized, clear, and strategic

Where your assets are held

Passive vs. Active Management: Each has its place

We believe your money should grow according to your goals & values — not according to short-term trends.

  • Not following the latest investment trend merely for the sake of something new
  • Not jumping to the hottest sector just because it is popular (it may be overpriced)
  • Not making investment decisions based on emotions (we provide you with emotional distance from your money)
  • Managing money with a plan and a strategy
  • Not letting large amounts of cash lie fallow if not needed for a specific purpose

​​These types of portfolios — which allow you to make more intentional choices about what companies and industries your funds are invested in — are growing in popularity, especially among “Gen X” and “Gen Y” investors, and we are happy to be able to offer these investment management solutions to our clients.​ It makes sense to put your money in a Socially Responsible portfolio when it matches your values and you wish to have more impact with your financial choices.

Socially Responsible Portfolios

Our philosophy is to invest in a sound and healthy asset allocation that is diversified according to the risk level appropriate for you. We often use a passive investment approach, achieved with index mutual funds and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds). This is a low-cost investment strategy, which ensures that a part of the process we can control — your costs — are minimized.

We also offer other investment options, such as Socially Responsible portfolios (which are mixed passive/active), and Dimensional  Fund Advisor portfolios, for certain clients whose situations are better to this model of management.

Schwab is the custodian we use for most clients, and we also work with Betterment Institutional when appropriate. Some clients retain their assets at Vanguard and other custodians, as well. In those cases, we manage them through a Power of Attorney/Agent Authorization approach.

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Appreciate personal finance

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